Realizing God-like love

Since we are in Lent, Passover and selection of a pope, allow me to offer a religious notion – the concept of God-like love, something attainable by any human. I am writing from no license, only as one of 7 billion persons upon earth, each one of whom is made in God’s image.

I am not going to attempt to explain God-like love; instead, I shall attempt to show by listing some persons I have seen in newsreels or on TV in my lifetime who seem to possess such love. They are as follows: Mahatma Ghandi, Albert Schweitzer, Mother Theresa, Malcom Muggeridge, Nelson Mandela, Bishop Tutu, Dali Lama and Deepak Chopra.

I don’t believe these persons had an agenda; they would receive you and me without reservation. Regrettably, better known religionists are not that embracing; it is “my way or the highway.”

Like Jesus, the persons I listed would emphasize with poor, handicapped, uncomely, oppressed, arrested, imprisoned and forgotten. Remember Jesus hanging on the cursed tree? Instead of bemoaning his condition, he found time to save a robber hanging next to him.

These days in Rome, I hope God selects a pope not unlike the persons I have listed, possibly a man from Africa who would be so free, so daring as to open the windows wide and allow fresh air to sweep in for women, separated brethren and current would problems which call for a clarion voice.

In one should go all-out for God-like love, he/she must realize such is not for the weak of heart, after all Christ paid the ultimate price, but not before he said, “Greater love has no man then that he lay down his life for a brother.”

John Bryan