Becoming energy efficient

After the hottest summer on record, many fires, drought and storm Sandy, we need to become an energy-efficient state. In this area of Wood County we are served by Monongahela Power, which is a subsidiary of First Energy, which is in Ohio.

First Energy is considering selling the Harrison Power plant for $1.1 billion, which is only worth half that amount to their West Virginia subsidiary. AEP wants to transfer partial ownership of the Mitchell and John Amos plants to its West Virginia subsidiary, which will protect the corporate interest and then pass on the cost to the people in West Virginia.

Rather than do either of these things, the utility companies could create energy-saving programs to help customers save on their monthly utility bill. Both First Energy and AEP have invested in energy-efficient programs in other states, including Ohio and Kentucky. These programs help people to update lighting, replace old appliances, weatherizing homes, etc. West Virginia is almost the last in the nation to have offered state energy-efficiency programs. Appalachian Power Co. began a program in 2011 and First Energy started one in 2012.

We need to let the utility companies know we do not want them to spend money on old coal plants but on helping our residents make their homes energy efficient and save us money on our electric bill.

Margaret Meeker