Time for term limits?

Does anybody in Washington care about the country anymore? I do not believe so. I was just watching CNN detail what cuts can be expected in the next few months since the yo-yo’s running the country did nothing to stop them. The only people that will be affected are the citizens of the country.

The arrogant politicians do not care because nothing happens to them. They will still be riding around in limousines, going to parties funded by lobbyists who bankroll their every move, taking vacations and generally shirking their duties. They still get their salaries, insurance, retirement, perks at airports and restaurants and hotels and everywhere else. The Democrats care only about making the Republicans look bad, and vice versa.

It is not about the country anymore, it is about who can raise the most money and stay in office forever. But, of course, we keep re-electing them and somehow expect things to be better.

Speaking of retirement, the word now is that the powers that be in Washington want to do away with the exemptions for 401(k) retirement plans so that anything you save will be taxable. Of course, they will probably be exempted, being “loyal public servants,” but loyal to whom? It certainly is not the people they are supposed to represent. Maybe it is time for the citizens to push for terms limits on all of them.

L. Dean Schwartz