Grand Pointe under new management

VIENNA – The new operators of the Grand Pointe Conference Center in Vienna are excited to show the Mid-Ohio Valley what they have created.

From Star Wars-themed weddings and circus-themed birthday parties to catering large business events, the four-member team said it is ready to take on the challenges of a sure-to-be-busy year ahead.

Cienna Van Dyke, manager of the center, said the new operators will revamp the style and variety of menu items.

“We’re trying to be more flexible with more menu options,” she said.

“Also to be more creative and fit people’s budgets rather than just handing them a menu.”

Tammy McClung, director of sales and events for the center, said they want the community to know about their ability to cater off-site, what they call “outside” catering. McClung said the new group has been able to work well together.

“Things are updated and (the company) is under new management,” said McClung. “Without us knowing each other it’s been a really great fit.”

Head chef Chris Farney said he hopes to not only offer catering to the area but bring in entertainment and fundraising events. Farney graduated from Hocking College with a double degree in culinary arts and pastry, he said.

“He’s a chef that loves to create and customize,” McClung said of her co-worker.

Patty Stansberry, office assistant, said she is in charge of detail work and the payroll for Grand Pointe.

Able to house from 10 to 500 guests, the conference center has been owned and operated by the PM Co. since 2006, Van Dyke said. She is the granddaughter of Pat Minnite Sr., owner of the PM Co.

In July, the conference center was placed under the new management, Van Dyke said. Van Dyke was made the new manager.

“We’re trying to start new things,” she said. “We have a large ballroom that breaks down to three executive suites, linens are provided, we have state of the art AV equipment, each room has a new projector and all rooms have brand new screens.”

No stranger to the entertainment industry, McClung has been in the sales and catering business for more than 20 years. She said she started at the Holiday Inn in town where she worked for 14 years in the sales and catering business.

McClung spent several years at the Blennerhassett Hotel until she left for the Comfort Suites in Mineral Wells as the director of sales and marketing for the next nine years. After that, she took about three years off and spent some quality time with her family.

McClung returned to take over as the director of sales and events with Grand Pointe in July 2012, she said.

Stansberry is the new kid on the block after having retired from teaching in Wood County. She said she went from teaching second grade to experiencing a detail-oriented job with a huge learning curve.

“It was unbelievable timing,” she said of receiving the job. “I miss the kids and people I worked with but how many times do you get an opportunity to go from one job to the next without a transition? I thought, ‘if it was meant to be it would happen.'”

Stansberry and McClung said the group works well together and always has fun.

“She (McClung) has all the experience, he (Farney) has the gifts and knowledge and I just do whatever they tell me,” Stansberry joked of her co-workers.

The conference center offers a Northpointe room at 1,450 square feet with six round tables for 120-plus seating. The Eastpointe room is 1,550 square feet while the Southpointe room is 2,750 square feet. The total ballroom capacity is 5,750 square feet.