Actors Guild holds annual dance event

PARKERSBURG – Local celebrities put on the their dancing shoes Saturday for the second annual “A Night of Dancing With the Stars” to benefit the Actors Guild of Parkersburg at the ballroom of the Parkersburg Art Center.

Bob Heflin, who was the winning pro for the second year, was also in a friendly competition with his daughter, Morgan Heflin.

Both were involved in the program last year as well. Morgan was paired with Ronnie Talbott, who in 2009 appeared on the CBS-TV reality series “Big Brother.” Her dad, Bob, was paired with Reinnie Leavitt, who was a judge this year after winning last year’s event.

“There was a lot of preparation getting ready for it,” Morgan said. “Last year I had something to prove. My dad competed against me last year and he won – the non-dancer beat me.”

This year she was paired with Parkersburg Mayor Bob Newell.

“I told the mayor that this year it was go time,” she said. “We have got to beat Dad. We had a family feud, we’ve been giving each other the stink eye at family dinners.”

Bob said last year Morgan helped him and Leavitt some in their preparation for the show.

“When we were announced the winner last year her first words to me were ‘Next year you are on your own,'” he said.

“I was done with him,” she said.

However, Morgan said they may be competing against each other next year.

“We’re always up to competing for a good cause,” she said. “We’ll see what happens. We’re very involved in the Actors Guild.”

Betty Dotson, of the Actors Guild, said last year’s “A Night of Dancing With the Stars” was a success.

“This is our second annual night of dancing,” she said. “We had lots of fun last year, made a lot of money for the Guild, so we decided to try it again.”

Dotson said more than 200 people turned out for the show Saturday evening at the art center, across the street from the Guild at Eighth and Market streets.

“That’s what we were shooting for and it looks like we have a great crowd,” she said.

Dotson said it was a general fundraiser for the Guild.

“We are always looking for new and different ideas to raise money for the Guild,” she said. “We tried it last year and it was great so we decided to try it again.”

Dotson said anyone interested in being part of the third annual “A Night of Dancing With the Stars” should contact the Guild.

“We had people at this event last year telling us they wanted to be part of the next one,” she said. “So we took down their names and contacted them for this year.”

Winners of the People’s Choice Award on Saturday were Toni Holbrook and Kyle Smart. They said they were paired up and began working about a month ago. Their program was one they came up with on their own.

“I needed a partner and I knew he could do it,” she said. “We watched a lot of videos for the routine.

“We watched a lot of videos, got some ideas and came with this on our own,” Holbrook said.

Other pairs in Saturday’s competition were:

* Shannon Houser and J.T. Spivy

* Abby Hayhurst and Bill Snider

* Joe Oliverio and Alyssa Oliverio

* Mark Lewis and Mollie Lair

The judges were J. Brian Turrill, Reinnie Leavitt and Mark Lanyon. Roger Sheppard was the emcee and the DJ was Aaron Whited.