Vienna to consider raise for city employees

VIENNA – City Council, meeting in special session Thursday night, moved to present the budget committee with a 60-cent an hour pay raise for each city employee.

Councilman Paul Thornton said the final balanced budget will be presented to council next Thursday. The budget and finance committee will discuss with council repairs to the dugout and pressbox at Jackson Memorial Park, a $400,000 garage on 12th Street, $500,000 in street repairs and a police cruiser for the police department, Thornton said.

Longevity pay for city employees was usually given on separate anniversary dates, Thornton said, but will now be given on July 1 of each year.

“Council has to approve (the) across the board pay raise to each city employee,” Thornton said.

The committee suggested council fund the Chocolate Jazz Foundation’s jazz festival this summer at $10,000.

“I think this is going to be a good thing for the city,” Councilman Jim Miracle said of the festival.

The city amended the requirements of Vienna Code 761.05, business licenses and application fees. Previously, council had decided to require new businesses to attend a meeting about the city’s water and waste plant.

However, council decided to amend the first motion and make it mandatory for contractors, lawn and landscape providers to show the successful completion of a storm water ordinance training, Mayor Randy Rapp said.

The police department annex building will have to be revisited, Thornton said. The annex building was expected to cost $800,000 to $900,000. Thornton said he wanted to reduce that number and save the city money.

“It’s several hundred thousand dollars more than what we had anticipated,” he said. “We’re looking at coming up with some different ideas for the building to reduce the cost which will require, probably, more bidding.”

A Fairplain tractor bid was approved by council members for $19,400. The mower will be used by the parks and recreation department and has been worked into the city’s budget, Thornton said.

Rapp said area hiking and biking enthusiasts have suggested connecting Vienna’s trails with ones in the county and Parkersburg.

Thornton said the projected expenditure for the city’s 2013 budget is $6 million, along the lines of previous budgets.

“We are meeting all the needs of the city at this time, in particular the street repair,” Thornton said of the city’s money.