Commission approves city annexation

PARKERSBURG – Wood County commissioners approved annexation of some southside lots owned by Tri-City Baptist Church into the city of Parkersburg and awarded the bid for new bullet-proof vests for the sheriff’s department.

No objection was raised during a public hearing Monday on the annexation of five parcels of Grandview Manor Addition owned by Tri-City Baptist Church as well as 50 feet of Grandview Street.

Rickie Yeager, city planner, represented Parkersburg during the hearing Monday.

“The property is located in Tygart District and is owned by the church. It includes 1.81 acres,” Yeager told commissioners. “The church purchased five properties along Grandview Street, and we also asked for annexation of part of Grandview Street in front of those properties to be consistent,” Yeager said.

Yeager provided proof of notification of the public hearing on the annexation petition to adjoining property owners. At the time the petition was filed in late January, it was noted there are 16 adjoining, abutting property owners in the area sought for annexation.

The property was located just outside the corporate limits of the city.

Yeager told the commissioners earlier there was no objection to the proposed annexation when it was brought before the city planning commission.

The church’s current property and facility on Grandview Street were already within the corporation limits.

After annexation, the properties will now be served by city police and fire, public water, sewer and trash services and the city would be responsible for street maintenance.

In other business, the commission awarded a bid of $710/each submitted by Galls, of Lexington, Ky., for new bullet-proof vests for the sheriff’s department.

Sheriff’s Department administrative assistant T.R. Smith reviewed the two bids submitted earlier and recommended the lower bid be accepted. The other bid for the 25 vests was turned in by Town Police Supply, a division of Town Gun Shop Inc. of Richmond, Va., for $719 each.

Originally the department proposed to purchase 25 vests, but Smith noted because of the lower cost, they will purchase 36 vests instead.

Commissioner Steve Gainer asked if the sheriff’s department canines wear vests.

“I was contacted by someone who asked about that. If we have extra vests, I suggest we do that for the two dogs. It’s something we should look at,” Gainer said.

Commission President Wayne Dunn suggested the commission look into how many dogs have been shot in the line of duty in West Virginia.

“It’s a waste of money if it’s not a problem,” Dunn said.

“If the dogs are used only for sniffing out drugs, a vest might not be needed, but if they are trained in detecting bombs, or are used in pursuits, we might consider it,” Commissioner Blair Couch said.

“There might be outside agencies or individuals who would be willing to contribute funds for vests for the dogs,” Gainer noted.