Caring vet’s help appreciated

Feb. 23 my cat was hit by a car. Not only did they not even try to stop, but her back leg was completely trashed. My family and I were very upset, my mom, sister, and my husband did everything they could to help. But with no luck, could not find anywhere to take her to get help.

I contacted Dr. Haught, explained the situation while crying my eyes out, and bless her heart, she decided to help. Her and her staff met my husband and I at their clinic and took her in. The very next day, we were called and informed our cat’s leg was amputated that morning, and she was doing fine. If it wasn’t for her and her staff, we may have lost our fur baby.

The person who hit our cat could have at least stopped. It’s not just a cat, its a pet, she’s a part of our family. And anyone taking the time to read this, please be cautious on the roads. I know animals may come out of no where, but don’t hit them on purpose. Please drive safe.

Stephanie Dunn