Romance gets heated with books

Women’s fiction can be anything from steamy romance, to historical romance to stories about friendships and family. Here are a few new great books to spend an evening with!

My favorite historical fiction storylines a woman pretending to be a boy and an arranged marriage – are used to great effect in Sally MacKenzie’s historical romance, “Surprising Lord Jack.”

Frances Hadley has donned her twin brother’s clothes in order to escape her nasty aunt’s plans to force her into a marriage. Frances isn’t ready to marry anyone and wants to go to London to meet up with her brother, get her own finances and find her own house. Stopping for the night at a full inn, the innkeeper’s wife takes pity on the poor “lad” and allows him to stay in a room they were saving for a Lord. But when the Lord in question shows up in the middle of the night, Frances awakens with a bedmate!

Lord Jack Valentine has a reputation of being a scoundrel, one he uses for his own cause trying to help orphaned children and former “ladies of the evening” to get off the streets. The innkeeper’s wife begs the kindly Lord to see the young man staying with him safely to his brother in London. Jack is only too willing to help, and Frances soon finds herself caught up in a lie she can’t get out of. When a scheming man makes the truth known, Jack doesn’t know of any way out of ruining Frances’ reputation other than marrying her. Will Frances consent to become the Lord’s bride?

A not-to-be-put-down story, Jack and Frances’ chemistry leaps off the page and will keep pages turning all night.

“Surprising Lord Jack” is published by Zebra. It is $7.99 and 352 pages long.

* * *

A modern romance of one woman’s wild night come back to her months later in “One Night with a Cowboy” by Cat Johnson.

In Oklahoma for a job interview, Becca needs to let loose. In one day, she was let go from her job and her boyfriend left her. When the chance for a new job comes up, Becca flies out with her sister, determined to enjoy herself and possibly start her life over in a new location. Her sister insists she takes in the local sites, and that includes a rodeo and a handsome cowboy who immediately makes her acquaintance. Jace is handsome, a good rider, a former soldier and interested, so Becca decides to throw caution to the wind. After all, she’ll never see him again after that night

Except when Becca actually gets her new job, who should also be working at the college but Jace himself! Both the cowboy and the professor are thrown at finding each other again, but workplace romances are forbidden. The two don’t see the harm in a little fling, but when Jace suddenly is called into duty again, will Becca ever see him again?

This spicy romance with hot and tempting cowboys will satisfy readers’ cravings for a solid romance with well-drawn characters and more than a little sex appeal.

“One Night with a Cowboy” is published by Kensington. It is $9.95 and 304 pages long.

* * *

A woman decides to try on someone else’s life for size in “Why Can’t I Be You” by Allie Larkin.

The day she flies out for a work conference, Jenny Shaw is dumped by her boyfriend at the airport. Unhappy at work, her life is in turmoil as she reaches the hotel the conference is being held at to discover a class reunion is going on there as well. She hears someone call across the room, and thinking they said, “Jenny,” initially responds. But it turns out the friendly Myra said, “Jessie,” and believes Jenny is her old high school best friend, Jessie Morgan, who left town after graduation and never came back. Jenny wants to correct her, but finds Myra and her group of friends so charming, she wants to be Jessie so that she can be their friend. As Jenny spends the days of the conference and the week after with her new friends as “Jessie,” she finds herself unable to tell the truth without hurting a lot of people or being considered crazy. When an old friend of the real Jessie’s comes to town ready to spill the truth about why Jessie never returned, will the truth come out? How long can Jenny be Jessie?

This is an endearing, comic story of friendship and the lengths some people will go to for it. While Jenny does a lot of lying, when the reader finds out more of her backstory, she still comes across as a sympathetic character that you hope everyone will forgive.

For anyone who’s ever wanted to be someone else, if only for a moment, this story will ring true.

“Why Can’t I Be You” is published by Plume. It is $15 and 294 pages long.