Local man offers iCracked repairs for iPhone

PARKERSBURG – No more needless traveling for Apple users to repair a broken iPhone screen.

Dougal MacIntyre of Parkersburg took on the challenge of repairing the broken Apple devices after he discovered a global company called iCracked.

The company started in a dorm room in California whera a group of friends after college launched the idea, emptied their bank accounts and moved to Silicon Valley, Calif., to pursue their career in the technical repair world. Their website is www.icracked.com.

The tech-savy MacIntyre said he got the idea to repair the iOS devices (iPhones, iPods and iPads) after fixing his niece’s iPhone for her birthday. He stumbled upon iCracked after learning about repairing the devices and doing it himself.

“I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she said ‘will you fix my phone for me,'” MacIntyre said of his niece. “I enjoyed doing it so I looked into becoming an independent technician.”

MacIntyre spent more than 10 years in pharmaceutical sales before beginning with iCracked, he said. He graduated from Parkersburg High School and attended West Virginia University where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, specializing in Marketing. He graduated from WVU in 1992, he said.

His wife, Mackenzie, runs her own business from home, he said. The business is called ItWorks! Global and she sells all natural body wraps and supplements.

Mackenzie is from Parkersburg and the two have been married for six years, he said. They have two children, 8-year-old Greyce and 5-year-old Hugh.

Born in Wellsville, Ohio, the 42-year-old said he considers Parkersburg and the Mid-Ohio Valley his home.

He has been an independent technician with the company for eight months but said he has always enjoyed fixing gadgets. The company offers a 99-year warranty to any parts replaced by it.

“I do this because I enjoy the work and helping people,” he said. “When someone’s phone doesn’t function it feels good (to repair it for them).”

MacIntyre said he doesn’t just focus on repairing what is broken for money; he also tries to help people over the phone when they believe their device is broken but just needs to be reset. He said he will tell his potential customers to put their phone in a bag of rice immediately if there is water damage, or he will direct them to the Facebook group he made with more than 25 documents listing DIY how-to guides about fixing common issues.

He also buys and sells broken and used devices, he said.

Several weeks ago MacIntyre repaired an Ohio University professor’s device. After MacIntyre fixed the device, he became the independent technician for OU’s IT Services.

The global company operates with 350 independent employees who are chosen when customers type in a zip code or use their phone to find their current location. The range for iCracked employees to be located is within a 50-mile radius. MacIntyre is the only registered agent in the greater Parkersburg area, he said.

There is a one in three chance that within two years of purchasing an iOS device it will need repaired, he said.

To join the Facebook group go to www.facebook.com and type in “iPhone Users of West Virginia.”