Williamstown heads to court over ‘vicious’ dog

WILLIAMSTOWN – A Williamstown resident has been asked to remove his dog from the city following two separate attacks, city officials said.

Jason Westfall, 304 Woodview Circle, owns a dog of unknown breed that is accused of attacking a child while it was running loose on Aug, 29, 2012, according to documents filed in the Wood County Circuit Court on Dec. 7, 2012. The same documents list a second incident on Oct. 26, 2012, in which the dog broke its chain to attack another child.

Williamstown police Chief B.D. Adkins said the children were from different families and the attacks were separate situations.

“We filed papers with the court to determine what to do with the dog,” Adkins said.

Neither of the children attacked was seriously injured, he added.

“The children received puncture wounds from the bites, but were not severely injured from them,” Adkins said.

Williamstown city attorney C. Blaine Myers said the city considers the court orders necessary for public safety.

“We felt the two separate incidents enough for us to take these steps,” Myers said.

In the court documents, the city is seeking an order declaring the dog vicious, dangerous and in a habit of attacking people.

“We proposed a court order that the dog be removed from the city for the safety of area residents,” Myers said.

The documents list euthanasia as a possibility for the dog’s outcome, but Myers said the city is not seeking that step.

“The order does not provide for euthanizing the dog, just the removal of the dog from the city,” Myers added.

Adkins added he has been told the dog is no longer housed in the city.