Vienna council members assigned to departments

VIENNA – Mayor Randy Rapp appointed council members to departments at Thursday’s council meeting.

“I know you all have been anxiously awaiting for me to make my council appointments,” Rapp said. “I can truly say that after being in this job for the last several months I really appreciate each and every one of you saying ‘I will do what you want me to do.'”

Councilman Bruce Rogers will continue to work with the city’s parks and senior citizens. Councilman Steve Stephens will handle building inspections and code enforcement.

Councilman Jim Miracle will continue with the beautification of the city, including the tree commission and utility board. City recorder Cathy Smith will work with the Vienna Police Department and personnel department.

Councilman Roger Bibbee will work with the Vienna Volunteer Fire Department and emergency response team. Councilman Paul Thornton will continue with the finance department and work with the personnel department, Rapp said.

Rapp said he hopes to revisit the appointments in one year to rotate the council members. He said he wants the council to understand each department of the city and how it works.

The Vienna youth wrestling team was honored by council for winning the Wood County youth wrestling tournament for the first time in 40 years, coaches and city officials said. The group is coached by Buddy Roberts with the help of assistant coaches.

The youth wrestlers were awarded a trophy for their efforts in the tournament. The coaches said the Wood County Junior program was started in 1964 and consists of 10 teams.

The Vienna tree commission board was approved by council Thursday. Miracle said he is eager for work in getting the city ready for the state’s 150th birthday this summer.

David Wells, founder and CEO of the Chocolate Jazz Foundation Inc., asked the city for funding to host a jazz festival this summer. Council members and Rapp said they would consider the idea and believe it to be a good idea for the city.

Wells is a flugelhorn and trumpet player from Vienna who has been a full-time musician for the last 10 years, touring Canada, California and other states, he said.

A bid for the Vienna Police Department was approved Thursday night. The department will receive bullet and Taser-proof vests for $11,486. Rapp said a grant the police department received will cover more than $5,000 of the cost for the vests.