Probe WVU’s media contract

The WVU is reported to be negotiating a $100 million contract with IMG – an out-of-state media group. Questions to the chairman of the WVU Board of Governors and at least one other BOG member connected to IMG have not been answered?

Could there be a violation of Section 1.9.4 of the WVU Procurement Rules that states, “Neither the Governing Board, nor any employee of the Governing Board shall be financially interested, or have beneficial personal interest, directly or indirectly” in any “firm partnership, corporation or association” providing a service to the University?”

It has been reported that Drew Payne, chairman of the WVU’s Board of Governors, is an investor and board member of West Virginia Media. And, isn’t fellow BOG member Dave Alvarez a stockholder in the company?

I am asking as a taxpayer of the state of West Virginia for the state of West Virginia delegates and senators to investigate this $100 million bid?

Alice Click

Mt. Alto