Say no to Keystone Pipeline

I’m extremely worried that the Keystone Pipeline will be approved. This can’t happen. We can’t allow something so questionable to endanger our water supply.

I don’t blame the Canadians, Mexicans or the UK and others for the stand they have. They have a market. We need our Congress and Supreme Court to stand up for America and Americans and deny this pipeline. This is their job.

Our president is a pragmatist or he stands up for what is practical. The solution is to have the refinery built in Canada and ship it via British Columbia. Of course, the Canadians don’t want to do that because it is an eyesore and the pollution is not good for people. Well, these same reasons are equal negatives for Americans. But, we have the added problem of the pipeline’s route going through our lands containing our fresh water. This is the first real problem.

The next problem is that the only American entity that will benefit is the oil industry. Don’t they have enough yet? I really don’t worry about their profits – they’ve had astronomical profits for the last seven years. We should not endanger our population and farming for their profits when they don’t need them.

Also, the jobs that this will create for Americans are only a few thousand and they are temporary. And, how do we know that Canada will not bring Canadians down to do the work on the pipeline? Everything we have heard is hearsay and wishful thinking. It never ends up being as good as told to the people to get the people on the side of the pipeline.

Please put the weight of the presidency against this pipeline and on the side of America.

Michal K. DiClemente