Restore Paterno’s reputation

In what world could you take away a man’s victories over more seasons than I could count? What world except ours would you tear down a beloved statue based on a lie? What world wasn’t Joe Paterno a beloved man, not deserving of his victories in life?

You judged this man for protecting his beloved alma mater. He died with this in his heart that even those that loved him condemned his whole life. He wasn’t the pedophile. That was Jerry Sandusky, who is paying for his sins. But Joe went to the grave watching his life’s work being destroyed, every honor, every belief that this man stood for. Where are his defenders, including the students who stood at his door loving this man, honoring this man, and knowing the real Joe Paterno? Would you take away a man’s life works and say he didn’t do the things he accomplished? All the praise of students, broadcasters, friends, etc.?

The children of Sandusky aren’t the only victims. A great man should not have to die with the world thinking what they thought of him. Restore his good name and his accomplishments in life. Forgive him if he had any sins – forgive him if he loved too much or made mistakes in life. Don’t jump on a bandwagon that says everything he was in life didn’t exist.

Where are those that knew him man? Where is the outcry? A life has passed and you mean his accomplishments didn’t exist?

Michael Wenzel

Washington, W.Va.