Dictators fear armed citizens

I find it difficult to understand why both political parties and other groups refuse to emphasize what is the true purpose of the Second Amendment to the Constitution. It should be communicated to all free citizens of the USA.

The primary reason for the need for citizens having guns is we should all be armed to stop the loss of freedom to a tyrannical central or state government. Think how important it was to the 18th century founders after being oppressed by Britain. Switzerland is an example of how a free people where all men are required to learn how to use weapons and required to have one in their homes. They stayed the last free country in continental Europe in World War II. P.S. They have low murder rate. Dictators in power do not want citizens to have weapons and confiscate them when they can. Nazi Germany, communist dictatorships, etc.

The second reason was for free U.S. citizens to be able to protect their families and property from lawless armed intruders. Hunting, target and skeet shooting were not the reason for the amendment. Guns were needed by many to hunt to feed their families. An obvious need in those days.

Vote out any official who limits or restricts gun ownership to honest citizens. Only those who are criminal or seriously lacking in the mentality to avoid illegal use of guns should be restricted.

Please pass on the true reason for the freedom we have defined in the Second Amendment. Hunting and skeet shooting will not be a problem.

Allen Ross