Teen books visit other times, worlds

Visit other times and other worlds with teen books!

First is a story of an awkward teen in 1977 in “Not Exactly a Love Story” by Audrey Couloumbis.

Vinnie has a bad case of acne, his parents have just divorced and his mother has decided to move from Queens to Long Island.

But Vinnie’s new neighbor is a beauty named Patsy.

He believes she’ll never notice him. So he begins a series of late-night calls as “Vincenzo,” and as his new personality, is flirty and smooth and able to build a connection with her.

But can their phone romance become one in real life? Can Patsy accept Vinnie?

A story that shows “Catfishing” happening back before Facebook and the Internet, this story offers a glimpse of the 1970s to today’s teenager.

“Not Exactly a Love Story” is published by Random House. It is $16.99.

* * *

A time-traveling romance is threatened in Alexandra Monir’s “Timekeeper.”

After time-traveling back and forth from current day to 1910 and developing a romance with a boy then, Michele is heartbroken to think she will never see Philip again. But she is thrilled when in walks a boy with the same name, same face and wearing a ring that Philip had previously given to Michele – except he has no idea who she is and seems to be taking up with the school mean girl. Heartbroken, Michele wonders how it can be the same Philip who loved her and promised to find a way to be together. Meanwhile, after learning her father was a time-traveler as well, Michele is starting to learn about the Time Society and the source of her “powers.” But a vengeful time traveler is watching Michele, with a longtime grudge on her and her family and will do what she has to make sure Michele disappears – forever.

With time-travel, reincarnation and a love-spanning decades, this is an enthralling love story that readers will want to continue!

“Timekeeper” is published by Delacorte Press. It is $16.99.

* * *

An ordinary boy learns he is extraordinary “Magicalamity” by Kate Saunders.

Tom Harding awakens in his room over his parents’ deli to find something has happened. His mother isn’t making his breakfast like usual, she has disappeared and a fairy has taken her place.

Apparently, his mother is in a jar of tomatoes and his father has been charged with murder. By fairies.

Because it turns out he is a fairy and hasn’t told anyone. So it’s up to Tom to enter the world of Fairie to help prove his father’s innocence and save both of his parents!

This is a cheeky mystery that visits the world of Fairie where there is plenty of magic and humor.

“Magicalamity” is published by Delacorte Press. It is $16.99.

* * *

Snow White gets a new twist on the telling with the princess being rescued, not by her betrothed, but his brother in Melanie Dickerson’s “The Fairest Beauty.”

Sophie has been living as a scullery maid since her father, Duke Baldwin, disappeared. She is tormented, starved and abused by her evil stepmother on a daily basis. The kingdom and Sophie all live under the iron rule of Duchess Ermengard and no one sees hope of escape. When an older woman fakes her own death to travel to the kingdom of Sophie’s betrothed to tell of her fate, he is laid up with a broken leg. His younger, adventurous brother Gabe decides he is going to be the one to save his brother’s betrothed to win the admiration of his brother and parents. Once there, he finds Duchess Ermengard to be dangerous, and Sophie to be a lovely, friendly girl, much beloved by the servants. A plot for the royal huntsman to kill Sophie is uncovered, and the pair must flee to safety to the Cottage of Seven, where seven outcasts live, to hide from the Duchess. But can Gabe help Sophie escape her evil stepmother? And as the pair are falling in love, can he deliver her to be wed to his brother?

Sophie is an updated Snow White, strong in conviction, faith and tenderness. She is a great character to cheer for, and Gabe is charming, but doesn’t cross the line with his brother’s fiancee. The two likeable teenagers are on their way to happily ever after in the hearts of readers.

“The Fairest Beauty” is published by Zondervan. It is $9.99.