Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

UP: To Roane County students who collected more than 16,000 books during a “Book Flood” held Feb. 11-15. The books were donated by county residents and will go to school libraries. Congratulations to the students who worked so hard to collect this many books.

DOWN: To Wood County Commission President Wayne Dunn for his opposition to giving residents who wish to meet with the commission the option of having a time-specific appointment. Appointments make sense – especially for people who are forced to take off work to meet with the commissioners. For some reason the commission under Dunn’s leadership has continually made it more difficult for residents to conduct business with county officials.

UP: To former Marietta Municipal Court Judge Milt Nuzum for being named director of Judicial & Court Services for Ohio’s Supreme Court. Nuzum has been the temporary director since March 2011. The office works to create policies and coordinate services that affect all of the courts throughout the state.

UP: To all of the participants in the Feb. 16 Polar Plunge, held at Point Park’s new amphitheater. Because of a strong current in the Ohio River, an above-ground pool was installed for the event. The 41 participants were required to raise $50 to participate in the plunge, with the money going to the Special Olympics.

DOWN: To the continual problem of motorists texting and talking on hand-held cellphones while they drive.

UP: To United Bank for coming to the rescue of the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport by getting the facility out from under a line of credit by providing a lower interest option for refinancing.

DOWN: To Congress and the president for continuing to play petty politics and Congress not adopting a federal budget.