Master Gardeners plan seminar, plant sale

PARKERSBURG – Wood County Master Gardeners are sponsoring their free spring seminar on March 18.

In addition to information and assistance in basic gardening skills, low maintenance perennials and tips on deer control, the nonprofit volunteer organization will also hold a plant sale featuring plants grown in their own gardens available to buy by local gardening enthusiasts for sprucing up flower beds.

“The plant sale is a fundraiser for the club and it is one of the two times we try to do that, we also offer it in the fall,” said Marty Seufer, president of the Wood County Master Gardener’s Club.

In addition to spreading knowledge of gardening skills, the club does a lot of community service work.

“The club is a branch of the West Virginia University Extension Service. They send us out to do community gardens and we spend a lot of time out in the community helping with all kinds of gardening projects,” Seufer said.

The seminar is free to the public and there will be door prizes given out during the evening.

The seminar, plant sale is scheduled for 6-9 p.m. March 18 in the City Council chambers of the Parkersburg Municipal Building.

Community activities of the volunteer, educational group have included sponsoring the Wood County Garden Tour and Plant Sale; establishing and helping maintain community gardens, sponsoring a vegetable gardening contest. The club has a booth and plant sale at the Flower, Garden, and Forestry Fair and Expo; flower beds at City Park, area libraries and Williamstown Welcome Center.

Master Gardeners helped develop and maintain Edison Arboretum and outdoor classroom; children’s gardens, provides educational seminars on a variety of horticultural topics, sponsors a wild flower walk and offers an informational booth during the Downtown Farmers Market.

Armstrong Garden, at the corner of Highland Avenue and West Fifth Street in Williamstown, was a beautification/repurposing project for the Wood County Master Gardeners. The group has also donated plants for local gardening enthusiasts to spruce up flower beds with new plants.

The club members are volunteers trained in small scale food production, horticulture and gardening through training courses.

To register for the seminar, contact WVU Extension at 304-424-1960 or email