City clerk to remain part-time job, for now

PARKERSBURG – City Council will continue to employ a part-time city clerk for the next several months but will consider posting the position as a full-time job.

Council’s Personnel Committee met Tuesday with the City Clerk position the first topic discussed.

City Clerk Connie Shaffer began working for Parkersburg in 1972, and took her current position in 1979. In 2011, she retired but agreed to remain part-time until after a new council could be elected in 2012. The new council took office last month.

Officials said while they are happy with Shaffer’s performance, they are concerned if she leaves a great deal of expertise will go with her.

“I think we should put the position up now looking for someone to replace her,” said Councilwoman Nancy Wilcox. “Connie’s not going to keep working like this forever.”

While most agreed Shaffer was working well as a part-time employee, they feared the position would be a full-time undertaking for someone new to the job.

“The city has been spoiled for a lot of years with Connie sitting in that office,” said Councilman John Kelly, who does not serve on the personnel committee. “She can do it part time, but that doesn’t mean your new employee is going to be able to do it part-time.

Officials also worried no one with the proper credentials would apply if the position was only part time.

“I think it is going to be tough to find somebody to work part time,” said Councilman Mike Reynolds.

Councilwoman and committee chair Sharon Lynch said Shaffer has indicated the job does not carry with it a number of responsibilities it once had, and the job could be performed part time.

“Connie views it as a three-day-a-week job,” Lynch said.

Lynch said the committee would keep the position as part time and review the matter on June 30. The committee has asked for a revised job description for review at that time.

The committee voted 3-2 to accept the motion, with Wilcox and Reynolds voting against.