Bids opened for new 911 equipment

PARKERSBURG -Wood County commissioners opened bids Monday for new computer-aided dispatch equipment at the 911 Central Telecommunications Center.

Tiburon, of California submitted a bid of $270,000 for software for the CAD. In cooperation with Tiburon, Intrado of Colorado submitted a quote of $112,612 for phone system upgrades, for a total joint bid of $382,612.

Emergency CallWorks, of Alabama submitted a cost quote of $408,055 for one option including CAD equipment and phone systems. In conjunction with Southern Software Inc. of North Carolina, Emergency CallWorks’ joint bid was $296,154 and another option, with just phones, of $258,759 for a total of $554,913.

Funds to pay for the new system will come out of the 911 budget.

Randy Lowe, 911 director, said earlier he would like to get the system installed as soon as possible. After opening the bids Monday, the commission referred them to Lowe for review and recommendation.

The commissioners are not scheduled to meet in regular commission session this Thursday, and Monday is a holiday. Lowe said he will make his recommendation in writing and submit it to the commission for their consideration.

The current CAD system at the Core Road 911 center is about six years old.

“There are a lot of times we have to reboot and hope it comes back up. The system is just outdated. The software is upgradeable. Our original CAD was given to us, we didn’t purchase it. We are having repeated hardware failures, we are using 2003 Window servers, as of this year, support of that will no longer be available,” Lowe said.

Lowe earlier told commissioners with the new system, the center would save $1,818 annually, which is the cost of fax paper and ink cartridges, in addition to 1,667 manhours of labor.

Interact provides services to 22 West Virginia counties. Tiburon is the CAD vendor and coordinators with Intrado, the phone vendor being used now at the local 911 center.

Lowe said the center has 15 positions and had seven back in 2007.