Scouts shouldn’t cave to pressure

“Due to the complexity of this issue” the Boy Scouts of America’s leadership has decided to put off for now whether to allow homosexuals to join the organization. So they haven’t completely caved to the perverted homosexual lobby – yet.

But the fact they are even considering such a decision is a cowardly and tragic move that, if it ultimately becomes BSA’s official position, will destroy the organization and many young lives in the process. By taking this abrupt U-turn in the strong stance they’ve taken against homosexuality for over 100 years, BSA’s leadership makes a mockery of its own official website statement regarding “youth protection,” to wit: “While no current screening techniques exist that can identify every potential child molester, we can reduce the risk of accepting a child molester by learning all we can about an applicant for a leadership position … .” How do they expect to reduce the risk of child molestation by allowing open homosexuals to lead and camp out with innocent young boys? Hasn’t the BSA learned anything from the Catholic Church’s pedophilia scandals and BSA’s own past problems in this area?

As a former Scout, cubmaster, uncle of two Eagle Scouts (one a Navy SEAL), and father of a Scout now only one rank away from Eagle, I and my family protest BSA’s waffling on this issue in the strongest and loudest possible terms! BSA violates its own Boy Scout Oath and Law, i.e., “To keep myself … morally straight” and “A Scout is … clean,” by accepting homosexuals. How can we expect a Scout to be clean and keep himself morally straight when the organization he is a part of and the leadership he looks up to condones, and perhaps soon openly welcomes unclean and immoral behavior?

Please visit or call the national BSA headquarters at 972-580-2000 (let it ring a long time, they’ll eventually answer) to weigh in on this critically important issue. Please urge them to stand fast against the liberals and spineless corporate sponsors who are withholding major BSA donations due to pressure to conform to the relentless demands of the depraved homosexual lobby. Sodomy is still a crime in several states and many parts of the world; it will spell the end of the BSA if they allow it. Next up: sadomasochists and bestiality lovers demanding their right to join the Boy Scouts. Stop the madness!

Doug B. Stuart

Pomeroy, Ohio