Gun advocates’ wrong thinking

I find two things quite puzzling. The alleged connection between banning assault rifles and/or large magazines with 2nd Amendment rights and the number of non-thinking sheep that seem to buy in to this blatant propaganda by arms manufacturers and the NRA. We’re talking weapons designed strictly to kill humans en masse. They serve no other purpose. Should cannons, howitzers, etc. be allowed? That should make for an interesting property line dispute between neighbors. What has government done, said, threatened, or inferred that would lead one to believe government wants all our weapons?

Let’s assume government’s ultimate goal is to have all our weapons. I can foresee only two possible paths to accomplish this – one peaceful, one forceful. If politicians requested, under threat of stiff fines, that the population voluntarily turn in weapons (or a similarly benign approach) they would be immediately voted out of office and replaced 100 percent by pro-gun advocates. Nothing accomplished there. If they try force, first of all they have to cope with a military being sent back into neighborhoods like they grew up in and threatening average folks with their lives if they fail to comply. I would think the average soldier would find this very distasteful.

Will citizens use their assault weapons against their sons, brothers, nephews, etc? More likely, the citizen will never see boots, only a tank at the curb. You have 60 seconds to deposit all weapons at the curb or one shot blows your home away. Next house. What good will your assault weapon be against a tank? Continuing with this approach, adversaries would be emboldened to move on this country for they would immediately have 300-plus million instant guerrillas to assist them. When our government is toppled, the leaders could count on being executed. From governments perspective both approaches are losers.

The way I interpret the 2nd Amendment is that a gun owner (any gun) like I am, who is not part of a well regulated militia is in violation of the law. How many of you gun enthusiasts are in compliance?

Finally, I am appalled at Sheriff Merritt’s attitude and comments. I would think law enforcement would be the first to jump on the “ban” wagon. Of course the sheriff is never out there putting his life on the line, that’s the deputy’s job.

Don C. Lowe