Being a citizen or a subject

In reference to the Thumbs Down on Feb. 2, with guns we are citizens, without guns we become subjects. Any law enacted in direct opposition to any constitutional amendment becomes null and void and bogus in and of itself. Reasonable and honest citizens clearly recognize the objective of the progressive liberal left is to ultimately disarm Americans. Power corrupts – absolute power corrupts absolutely. History holds overwhelming proof. Any law that bans any type of weapon is simply one step inevitably followed by another and another in the wrong direction.

As long as evil exists, no one, young or otherwise, will ever be totally free from harm, no matter what laws have been enacted. To strip freedoms from the majority because of the actions of the few clearly gives evidence of wicked objectives. When honesty, respect and responsibility fills the heart, that is the only complete definition and exercise of “gun control.”

When all other avenues of defense have been exhausted then – and only then – must a freedom-loving American exercise the true meaning of the Second Amendment. How then could they do so if previously they had, as you suggest in your opinion, given in to a corrupt and evil regime’s wicked objectives?

Charles Lawrence