A City Park pig?

The large labor/building trades union sign in the city park should be removed immediately. It should have never been put up there. There is a no-sign ordinance in the city parks, so why is it there?

I telephoned the park office this past summer to ask why. I was told it’s not a sign, it’s a bulletin board. I was really puzzled because there’s already a bulletin board near the park office and the sign was really too high to reach. The next day the park employees (who are all non-union) installed a 4-foot-by-8-foot sheet of three-fourths-inch plywood to the sign post (below the union sign). I guess that was supposed to be the bulletin board.

“You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.” So where’s the Boy/Girl Scouts pig? Where’s all the local churchs’ pig? How about all the other union, non-union and all of the civic groups/organizations that have done improvements and helped to keep the park clean? Where’s their pig?

If it’s OK to put up a large sign for every group or organization that has done work in the park, it would be littered with signs. The sign has no business being in the city park. Are all of the cities taxpayers members of those two unions? I don’t think so. In fact very few of Parkersburg residents are members of those two unions or any union.

The sign really offends me. I think it’s very political. It might as well have the words “Democratic” written on it because, as everyone knows, most of any union dues goes toward the Democratic party. I’m sure some of the local non-union businesses that pay B&O tax would like to have their sign put up in the City Park(s) for thousands of people to see.

A no-sign policy should mean just that – no signs (or pigs). The only written words that should be read in our city parks should be reserved for the names of the very brave and honorable veterans and not for union advertisement.

Steve Morris