Guns a small portion of crime

A riddle of my grandfather’s day, yet never to be solved, and most likely never will at least to the complete satisfaction of modern civilization. Man was designated a primate, with eyes in front of his head with narrower vision to stalk his prey, as the cat, wolf and dog. Man has come a long way up the ladder of change. But as in all breeding of animals, there is always the throwback that stands in the way of perfection.

To remove the enabler of crime would mean putting him in a sterile environment, free from all movable objects and motion. Washington has no workable solutions to crime, if they had, these problems would have been solved. To survive in the world many things stand in the way of old age. Dodging bullets of war, fire, freight trains, cars, buses and drowning, as well as disease and falling from high places.

As long as there are knives, stones, spears and clubs, there will be the offender of peace. There are more killed by automobiles every day in America than by guns, but seems accepted as normal, even though the driver is talking on phones and texting.

In reality, guns are just a small portion of crime. If I were to look for the greater enabler of crime I would take a very close look at Hollywood and its glorification of murder and mayhem.

Bob McDonald