A refreshing view on teachers

Finally, a refreshing point of view regarding teachers from one of Wood County’s own. Mr. Gwynn’s letter to the editor on Feb. 3 titled: “Teachers Deserve Your Respect,” hit home with me. My 30-plus years as an aide have allowed me to see the dedication and hard work in almost every school from Pre-K through 12th grade and even special needs.

I see teachers in every capacity and learning level. I see the challenges, the roadblocks of endless paper trails, changing curriculum, state and federal requirements, IEP’s, meetings, late nights and working weekends to stay caught up. It’s a wonder they even have time to teach, let alone make a difference … and that they do … so well.

They are mentors, educators, counselors, nurses, sometimes surrogate parents and now even protectors of these “diamonds in the rough ” molding them into the “gemstones of the future” while keeping the well-being of these children intact.

Even the most dedicated can fall prey to the harshness of biased criticism. It can make or break their day. They take teaching to heart. Their goals are the same as yours and mine.

Yes, some may not measure up. We all fall short, but just walk in their shoes for a week and you too will see the sincere effort to accomplish what used to be teaching the simple 3 Rs. So much more is involved, expected and yet, they forge on with their passion to teach…to wake up every day to make that little “difference” to each child.

As Gwynn mentioned, many take their jobs and sometimes trials home with them. These are the ones who care beyond the 8-to-5 day. These are some of Wood County’s finest. They make me proud to assist them. Underappreciated? Yes, sadly many are.

The system has many flaws that inhibit/suppress teachers from doing what they do best, giving them time to “just teach.”

What a beautiful testimonial Gwynn spoke for all his peers who love teaching and whose hearts are in the same place. He cares. His dedication is his badge and he wears it well.

Kathleen M. Hackett