Several new thrilling mysteries

USA Today bestselling author Mary Burton follows the story of a woman who escaped a serial killer in “The Seventh Victim.”

Lara Church has led a vagabond life since narrowly escaping death at the hands of the Seattle Strangler.

She has no memories of the attack or the moments leading up to it, much to the frustration of the detectives trying to solve the case.

But the Strangler has stopped since Lara’s escape and she has finally settled in Austin, making a home and a life in the area where she grew up, along with the help of her cousin and family friends.

Then Texas Ranger James Beck shows up on her doorstep with disturbing news. The Strangler has murdered again, but this time he is in Austin. Is he following Lara, the girl who got away? Beck is determined to find him and stop him and to protect Lara. Mike Raines, the detective on the case when Lara was attacked, also shows up in town, determined to finally put the man behind bars. But as Lara will soon find out, her notoriety has put a target on her back.

This is a fast-paced page-turner that will keep you guessing until the very last page.

“The Seventh Victim” is published by Zebra. It is $7.99 and 393 pages long.

* * *

A pizza contest is the setting for murder in the cozy mystery “Killer Crust” by Chris Cavender.

When sketchy pizza dough baron Laughing Luigi shows up at her store, Eleanor is not ready to trust the man. But he claims he isn’t out to steal her shop from under her – he is holding a pizza contest in her small North Carolina town and wants her to be one of the contestants. Eleanor and her sister, Maddy, finally agree, and find themselves facing off against several other groups of pizza makers with the hopes of winning $25,000.

But with rule changes, sabotage and plenty of back stabbing, the last thing Eleanor expected was for Laughing Luigi to be found dead! Now everyone is a suspect and Eleanor must find out who did it before she becomes suspect No. 1!

This is a fun mystery with plenty of sass and wit and lots of yummy pizza!

“Killer Crust” is published by Kensington. It is $24 and 231 pages long.

* * *

A would-be matchmaker finds murder instead in Elise Sax’s “An Affair to Dismember.”

Gladie has settled down (at least temporarily) with her grandmother in a small town in California. Grandma Zelda is known for her matchmaking skills and hopes Gladie has gotten the gift as well. But Gladie seems to have the gift – for trouble! Not only does she meet the hot police chief under odd circumstances, but then she attracts the attention of the crazy neighbors as well. The family patriarch is dead and when Gladie goes to pay a condolence call, she gets swept up in the family drama. Not only is every one of the children a prime suspect, but it seems the victim himself had his hands in some dirty business. But with all of this snooping, Gladie may have attracted the wrong attention, and that could cost her her life!

Gladie is a spunky heroine who will make readers laugh even as they thrill as she solves the mystery.

“An Affair to Dismember” is published by Ballantine. It is $7.99 and 293 pages long. Look for her next book, “Citizen Pain” coming soon.

* * *

A chilly atmospheric novel settles in the Lake Placid area as a small-town reporter tries to solve a murder before a friend becomes a prime suspect in “A Cold and Lonely Place” by Sara J. Henry.

Troy is out taking photos for the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival ice palace when the men find something hidden beneath the ice … a body. And it just so happens to be the body of Tobin Winslow, the boyfriend of one of Troy’s boarders and friend, Jessamyn. Tobin’s wealthy family want their son’s killer found and Jessamyn seems to be a likely suspect. When Tobin’s sister comes to town and someone starts breaking into her cabin, Troy knows she must dig deeper into Tobin’s life and his history, including a painful tragedy from his past, one the family might not like being brought up. And then she digs up a secret no one knew about…

This is a chilling mystery about families and friendships. Troy is a great investigative sleuth, and the cold atmosphere of a wintery Lake Placid fits in perfectly for a winter read.

“A Cold and Lonely Place” is published by Crown. It is $24 and 287 pages long.