City lost a great leader

They’re breaking up that old gang of mine.

Hardly a day goes by when there’s not a name -or several names -in our obituary list that I have enounterd over the years.

Saturday’s edition brought news of the death of Ronald Kincaid, who was the principal when I attended Edison Junior High School.

Not only was he a class act who treated every student and teacher with fairness and dignity, but he also was one of those administrators who seemed to be on top of everything.

He later went on to serve as the principal of Parkersburg High School for the final 17 years of his career.

I remember attending a Parkersburg High School football game at Riverside long after Mr. Kincaid retired.

I noticed he had joined Parkersburg’s supporters, along with former principal Joe Johnson and former athletics director and basketball coach Sam Mandich. It was one of those raw November days when being outside wasn’t all that pleasant, especially for those who were getting up in years, but there they were, offering their support to the Big Reds.

One of my best memories of Mr. Kincaid took place on the day of Game 7 of the 1967 World Series. That’s back when the World Series games were played during the afternoon.

Being the biggest sports fan in the school, I had two options that day – be in class or watch the game.

So I had an excuse for a dentist’s appointment that would get me home in time for the first pitch. I walked into the office to get my excuse approved. Mr. Kincaid looked at it, and said, “Dentist’s appointment, huh?”

After signing it and handing it back to me, he told me to “enjoy the game.”

Ron Kincaid was a member of Tom Brokaw’s greatest generation. Perhaps the last group to care as much about others as themselves.

I cherish the time I got to spend with its members and figured out long ago there never will be another group like them.

  • Swimming: Of the the four high school sports conducted during the winter months, swimming isn’t nearly as high profile as boys basketball, girls basketball or wrestling.

But our newspaper staff loves writing about swimming, thanks to the great cooperation we get from Parkersburg South coach Steve Lutz and Parkersburg High coach Linda Alt, who make sure we have every bit of information necessary to promote their swimmers.

On Saturday, South won its first regional title in the 11-year history of the program when the Patriot boys nipped PHS by three points.

Both PHS?teams finished second at the Region 1 Tournament, setting themselves up for good finishes at next week’s state meet.

While there’s a natural rivalry between South and PHS?in every sport, including swimming, this one takes on a different air.

The swimmers appreciate each other’s talents. They know how hard one must work to swim at the highest level.

Saturday was a great day for both programs.

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