Meadville property owner agrees to clear debris

PARKERSBURG – Property at 1537 Meadville Road has been the subject of numerous complaints but may soon be cleaned up.

Meeting with Wood County commissioners on Monday, compliance officer John Reed said the property first came to his attention in May.

“At that time the property owner, Evelyn Brooks, was living in the house. Since that time she has moved out, so the concerns right now are with the condition of the exterior of the property,” Reed said, showing commissioners a photograph of the front porch of the house. The porch was full of debris and old furniture. Several Brooks family members attended the meeting Monday. Reed said the property owner was ill and unable to attend.

“Most of the complaints are because of the exterior. There is debris laying around; there is a burn pile there. We told them open burning was not allowed, but you can see there is a burned out mattress laying there,” Reeds said showing commissioners more pictures.

Reed pointed out there is also a trailer full of debris parked about 30-40 yards from the driveway of the house.

“It’s sitting along a state right of way,” Reed said.

County engineer Bill Brown earlier condemned the residence.

“The family started to clean it up, then they stopped. We have repeatedly called since June, but there’s been no progress since then,” Reed said.

Reed said the property owner’s grandson, Dwayne Brooks, has agreed to try and clear the property.

“If you would give me until the end of March I will help clean it up,” Brooks said.

“We have standards and code; they have to enforce,” Commissioner Wayne Dunn said, indicating Brown and Reed. “The property, as it is, is decreasing the value of the neighbors’ property.”

The commissioners agreed to give Brooks until April 8 to get the property cleared out, and asked Reed to report back at that time regarding progress.

“If there’s no progress we will see you again,” Commissioner Blair Couch told the family.

Under the county Abandoned/Dilapidated Building ordinance, safety and health complaints regarding rural properties are forwarded to enforcement officers and the county engineer who then investigate and report their findings to the enforcement committee. The committee can recommend the case be brought before the commission.