Let government work for us

I was listening to a broadcast on NPR radio and the topic was immigrant farm workers. First I would like to say I am not against any group of people. We are all human.

For years it has been said farmers could not get Americans to do the work immigrants would. I tend to believe it’s not that they wouldn’t, it’s more they can’t survive and support their families on what is paid to workers from other countries. In some cases they are provided housing by the company and transportation, and other conveniences. If a worker from here would take the same job and provide their own transportation plus cost of living for them and their family without having those same benefits, it would be next to impossible to survive.

A solution could be instead of spending billions on programs for transporting and legalizing people to work in America, we could put to work our local people nationwide and have a subsidized program to help companies with the pay. The companies could also pay more if they weren’t paying for housing and transportation, too. If some people needed it like people who were homeless, which is a growing problem nationwide, they could still have that option.

We desperately need to help people at our back doors for a change instead of globally. Help America! Let our government work for us.

Sheila Chapman