Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

DOWN: To Wood County Sheriff Ken Merritt and other West Virginia sheriffs for signing a petition stating they would not enforce any federal assault weapons ban if one is passed. The current gun debate in Washington has been divisive, but Merritt and the other sheriffs who signed this petition are elected officials who have taken an oath of office to enforce the law. They cannot pick and choose which laws to enforce – even if they do not agree with those laws.

DOWN: To Wood County Commissioner Steve Gainer for his unprofessional outburst at fellow Commissioner Blair Couch at this past Monday’s meeting. Gainer was upset that commissioners are meeting on Feb. 7 with Wood County Prosecutor Jason Wharton to ensure commission meeting agendas comply with the state Open Meeting Law. At a recent meeting, both commission President Wayne Dunn and Gainer had voted to approve several items that were not on the meeting’s agenda. Gainer has been on the county commission for two years. It is alarming that neither he nor, apparently, Dunn seem to understand the basics of how to legally conduct a meeting. At least Dunn sees the meeting with Wharton as an opportunity to learn. We suggest Gainer take that attitude instead of throwing a fit.

UP: Love the children’s hand-drawn and colored ads in The News & Sentinel this week. They’re just the breath of fresh air this newspaper needed. So many ads look the same week after week that we don’t even notice them anymore. Great idea, ad staff. And cheers to the children involved. Great work!

Submitted by Beatrice K. Corra, Parkersburg

UP: My name is Carol, from Morgantown. On Jan. 6, my husband and I were in a car wreck on 36th Street. It was about 1:30 a.m. when a girl crossed the line and hit us. Our car could not be driven. The police officers were so helpful. One especially. He took us to finish two deliveries, then took us to a hotel to get some rest before we headed home. I would like to let the people of Parkersburg know what fine and helpful police officers you have. Be proud of them.

Submitted by Carol Mills, Morgantown

UP: To IBEW Local Union 968 for allowing the Veterans Museum of the Mid-Ohio Valley to use the space on the upper floor of the building housing the museum for storage. Museum director Gary Farris had recently noted the museum is running out of space for artifacts and storage, and this will ease that problem for now. Congratulations to the electrical union for its generous offer.

UP: To the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for its generous $10,000 endowment to the Parkersburg High School rifle team. The endowment will provide $500 a year in perpetuity for the program.