Lawsuit against Marietta police officers dropped

MARIETTA – A lawsuit filed against three Marietta police officers in November has been dropped by the Marietta man who filed it.

Jeremy Richards, 39, of 100 Cisler Lane, Apt. C8, filed a motion in Washington County Common Pleas Court Tuesday to dismiss his civil suit against the officers.

Richards had alleged Sgt. Len Ritchie, Patrolman John Hanson and Patrolman Jon Blasko arrested him without cause on a charge of disorderly conduct on Oct. 31.

On the same day Richards dismissed his civil suit, the Marietta Law Director’s Office dropped the disorderly conduct charge against him.

Law Director Paul Bertram III declined to comment on whether the concurrent dismissals were part of the settlement agreement, which included a confidentiality clause.

“There was an agreement made, and he signed and I signed on behalf of the city that we wouldn’t discuss what the agreement included,” he said.

Bertram also declined to comment on whether the agreement included financial compensation for Richards or disciplinary actions for the involved officers.

Richards could not be reached for comment Wednesday.