Pleasants County superintendent receives contract

ST. MARYS -Pleasants County Schools Superintendent Mike Wells has been given a four-year contract by the Pleasants County Board of Education.

Board President Heather Straight said Wells was given a progressive annual raise.

Wells, whose salary is $95,000 this year, will receive an annual $6,250 raise. At the end of the contract, in 2016, Wells will be paid $120,000.

“I was satisfied they felt the way they did,” Wells said.

Wells said everyone feels they need to make more money. He wanted to be closer to the state average in terms of salary.

Straight said Pleasants County ranks 44th in the state among superintendents’ salaries, with the average being $110,000.

“We were $15,000 off that and the board’s goal is to get Pleasants County right around the state average,” she said. “We have to move toward that incrementally.”

Straight said the state average for superintendents will be higher four years from now and the board wants Pleasants County to be closer to that average.

“It puts Pleasants County in a better position to keep that individual,” she said.

“The goal is to make sure if we have a good person, doing a good job, we work had to keep that individual.”

Straight said Wells has met or exceeded all the board’s expectations at this time. He previously had a two-year contract stemming from his initial hire in 2011.

Wells was hired after board members opted not renew the contract of Joe Super in April 2011. Super is the school superintendent in Barbour County.

Wells, formerly the principal at St. Marys High School, took over as the county superintendent July 1, 2011. He’s been in the Pleasants County school system for nine years. “Obviously, I was very pleased they offered me a four-year contract,” Wells said. “I was very happy they feel I am doing a good job.”