Parkersburg Shoney’s gets new look

PARKERSBURG – Shoney’s on Garfield Avenue in Parkersburg has undergone a complete remodeling.

A Grand Re-Opening will be held Jan. 31 when guests can enjoy a free slice of hot fudge cake, a signature menu item at Shoney’s.

”If you haven’t been to Shoney’s lately then you haven’t been to Shoney’s,” said Nick Nikzad, Shoney’s supervisor for the Mid-Ohio Valley and North Central West Virginia.

The restaurant at 1120 Garfield Ave. underwent a major remodeling over the last couple of months.

The old tables and booths have been removed and replaced with new furniture; the flooring has been redone; the buffet/salad bar has been refurbished; the bathrooms have new fixtures and granite counter tops installed; the interior wood trim has been refurbished and the entire building has been repainted.

”Everything you see has been redone,” Nikzad said. ”Our goal was to give it a fresh new look.”

The idea was to give the decor an upgrade to create a more relaxing and attractive atmosphere to attract new customers and old ones who haven’t been there for a while.

”We hope this will bring new guests in here,” Nikzad said. ”They might have been guests in the past, but they didn’t care for the outdated look. We are hoping people will come in and see it for themselves.”

The remodeling project started around Thanksgiving and is nearing completion.

”It is the third week in January and we are almost done,” Nikzad said. ”The only thing we are lacking right now that will make our project complete is our new Shoney’s sign.”

The original sign was blown over during the June storm that disrupted power in numerous areas and caused widespread damage.

”It is ordered and it is being fabricated now,” Nikzad said. ”We are hoping to have our new sign put up by the end of February.”

As with any restaurant, the operators of Shoney’s want the food to remain the reason why customers come. Whether from the menu or the buffet, Shoney’s features signature items exclusive to its restaurants, he said.

”We focus on using quality ingredients and offering great selections,” Nikzad said. ”We have something for everyone, whether it is a breakfast item which is served all day or fresh fried chicken or that we use fresh ground beef in our hamburgers.

”We want people to know that we have something for everyone and their taste, whether it is on the buffet or it is a menu item.”

Shoney’s has catering services as well as a special meeting/party room that can accommodate 48 people for special occasions or business meetings.

Representatives from Shoney’s corporate offices in Nashville have been at the Parkersburg restaurant to train and retrain the staff to freshen up on their skills and make sure the staff is following the proper procedures in waiting on the guests and so forth.

”I hope people will come in and say, ‘Wow, the food is great, the surroundings are nice and the service is great,”’ Nikzad said.