Don’t blame baby boomers

I am responding to Eugene A. DiClemente’s letter from the Sunday paper. His article was about “selfish baby boomers.” I ask DiClemente to please read Matthew 7:1-2; this passage is from the Bible, “God’s Word.”

My parents taught my sister, brothers and I while we were growing up, to never judge a person until you have “walked a mile in their shoes.” We valued all the wisdom and knowledge they taught us in the early stages in growing up.

I am now one of the “retired baby boomers,” and I am not selfish, for I loved helping others. I can truthfully say that I can lay down at night and sleep peacefully, for I have worked hard for what I have earned and it just wasn’t given to me. At the age of 15, I gave my life to God. I didn’t just go out and find religion, I went to church and learned about God and the word of God, the Bible. DiClemente may want to read it sometime, for it is the best book you could read and it is all you need for life, and to be at peace.

I didn’t have to go out in life and find drugs, free love and sex. I was satisfied with my life, and had better things to look forward too. Finally I am also proud to be a “baby boomer,” for we were a class of respectfully hard workers and had a great part in making our world a better place.

Connie Kirby