We paid for Social Security

The article of Jan. 10, in which Rep. McKinley stated “spending cuts will be the issue and the area of contention will be in entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare.” First, Social Security and Medicare are not entitlements. They are paid for by workers all of their working lives, and in the case of Medicare we continue to pay until we die.

So people understand these are benefits and insurance just like your car insurance, only enhanced. As an aside, if Congress would keep their greedy fingers out of Social Security and stop changing Medicare to benefit the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries, such as Medicare Advantage and the restriction on our government negotiating drug costs, this program would be self sustaining.

My contention is that Social Security and Medicare never be put on the chopping block. The people have bailed out everyone for decades and now we are done. You cannot take any more from us. This is the bottom line. Balance the budget some other way. Severely tax the rich. Extinguish subsidies for everything. Take care of tax loopholes. Put a fee on Wall Street transactions. For example: put a one cent fee on every share traded with one-half revenue going to reduce the national debt and one-half revenue going to improve our infrastructure and commons. And there will be no private enterprise interference between government and contractors.

Michal DiClemente