Unwilling to look at options

It has been noticed that some of the issues being brought up to the Vienna City Council are receiving no notice in the notes being recorded at the meetings; what is posted on the City Council site and other locations?

1. A five-page petition/letter to the council in October of last year just before the election was conveniently passed over and only mentioned in passing later by the new mayor.

2. In the latest budget meeting after the chief of police commented on: (a) retention problems in that the city had lost three officers to include the officer of the year and the first runner up; (b) worries on pay equity as the city of Parkersburg wanted a $2 an hour increase for its staff.

When a citizen noted that because of the above listed problems, some thought should be given to dissolving the force and asking the county to take over the responsibilities, all hell broke loose within the council. It is a matter of city pride; a lack of response time; no savings at all in costs; the citizens would never stand for it, to name a few comments. Yet, when one looks at coverage by the media – not a word was mentioned there.

When one reads the minutes of the budget/council meeting nothing there either? How does the community know what is being recommended and why or why not if nothing is ever allowed to surface for discussion and discovery?

The city is crying poor mouth on stagnant revenue but seems unwilling to look at options to save dollars.

Lawrence Wilson