W.Va.’s two voices of reason

The Wood County Democratic Executive Committee chairman, in his letter dated Jan. 6, is way off base. West Virginia voters recognize this government’s excessive spending is not in anyone’s “essential financial interest.” He maintained his party will eventually address the spending side of the national budget. Really? When? We haven’t seen a budget from the Obama administration for how many years now? What part of $16 trillion in debt, double what Bush left us, does he not understand?

Capito was 100 percent correct to protest the so-called fiscal cliff deal, which was nothing more than another tax-and-waste bill with no spending cuts. This monstrosity was hammered out in a late-night session in the Democratic Senate, not in a proper caucus as the chairperson suggests. Bravo to McKinley for voting against it.

Enough of the nonsense that Republicans only want to deny entitlements to the needy. Drastic slashes to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are all mandated by Obamacare, not outcomes of Republican strategists. Add to that, the cuts to the Defense Department, a genuine national need, were authorized by the leader of the Democratic Party.

One more thing, the fact Sens. Manchin and Rockefeller voted for this bill does not assure it was sound. Manchin has already demonstrated he has had a change of heart toward the Second Amendment and it should surprise no one his party loyalty has caused him to rethink deficit spending as well.

I’m grateful we have at least two rational voices in Congress to represent us. Too bad there aren’t more of their ilk.

Helen Hofawger

Washington, W.Va.