Spelling bee champs named

Beverly-Center Elementary School held its school spelling bee Jan. 7. Students in grades 16 competed for grade-level winners, with the winners in fifth and sixth grade moving on to the district bee on Jan. 30 at Beverly-Center at 7 p.m.

Grade-level winners, in first, second and third place, as well as alternate spellings in grades 5 and 6, were: Grade 1, Brandon Dye, Phinn Spindler, and Emmitt Duskey; Grade 2, Cassidy Starkey, Stone Dixon and Nate Silvus; Grade 3, Catie Sleek, Ethyn Zimmer and Megan Bohl; Grade 4, Lydia Klinger, Sophia Curry and Caeley Mincks; Grade 5, Maddie Webb, Mahela Mankins, Amanda Cooper and Cassidy Courtney; Grade 6, Colby Sleek, Alexandra Dixon, Matthew Duskey and Maddie Kitts.

Winning spellers in grades 1-3 received spelling bee medallions and pencils. Grade 4 6 bee winners received bobble head bee trophies. All participating students received certificates of participation, purchased by Beverly-Center principal Megan Miller. Medallions and trophies were purchased by the Beverly-Center Elementary PTO and supplied by BAK. Trophies and More through the coordination of Theresa Warren, school secretary, and Noreen Mullens, curriculum director.

Students also participating in the school bee were: 1st grade, Collyn Zimmer, MaKenna Long, Tyson Longfellow, Ross Schultheis and Connor Campbell; second grade, Alexx Schilling, Sydnee Duskey, Ethan Duskey, Kara Shaffer, Caleb McCurdy, Ethan Thompson, Ryan Duskey and Wade Patterson; third grade, Diamond Scott, McShayne Riley, Clerissa Starkey, Betty Price, Malcolm Sargent, Maeson Long, Carlee Nelson and Kolton Zimmer; fourth grade, Brian Adkins, Mykal Hendershot, Lexie Huck, Bryce Schilling and Skylar Skinner; fifth grade, Jericha Cuthbertson, Bradley Bee, Josh Hupp, Ian Valentine, Brady Schilling and Branden Baumgartner; sixth grade, Reegan Bickford, Brenden Huck, Lane Moore, Tyler Duskey, Kinsey Nesselroad and Samantha Ramage.

Kay Taylor, Jesse Hesson Marsha Quimby, Tate Engle, Luke Nelson and Nate Brothers were in charge of setup for the Bee.

Judges and pronouncers were: Grades 1-3, pronouncer, Sue Sampson; judges, Mike Fronko and Brenda Pierce; record/round keepers, Chastity Hayes, Christine Holliday and Lenora Lockhart; Grades 46: pronouncer, Michelle McIntyre; judges , Diane Elliott, Delores Kelby and Theresa Wallace; record/round keepers, Chastity Hayes, Christine Holliday, Elizabeth Curry, Krista Ross and Lenora Lockhart.

Sue Sampson is a longtime columnist for The Parkersburg News & Sentinel.