Ohio EPA approves Kraton permit for two new boilers

BELPRE – A final air permit has been issued to Kraton Polymers to replace two coal-fired boilers at the Belpre plant, the Ohio EPA announced on Friday.

The company is spending $50 million over the next three years on the boilers, a new 10-mile natural gas supply line and a steam turbine to generate electrical power. The new boilers will be fired by cleaner-burning fuels.

Kraton plans to fire the new boilers with natural gas, distillate oil and naphtha (a flammable liquid mixture of hydrocarbons that is a byproduct and is generally used as a solvent for various chemical industries). The final air permit establishes emission limitations to ensure that the new boilers will comply with federal and state air pollution control standards, laws and regulations in place to protect public health and the environment.

The permit will allow facility-wide emissions to change. There will be a net emissions increase in carbon monoxide from the boiler replacement project, but net emissions will substantially decrease for nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and particulate matter, teh EPA said.

The allowable air emissions rate for carbon monoxide under the final permit is 163.6 tons per year from both boilers combined. The installation permit will require the facility to implement best available control technologies and comply with stringent hourly carbon monoxide emissions limitations.

The EPA held a public hearing in Belpre on Dec. 19 about the draft air permit. The purpose of the hearing was to obtain additional information that was considered before Ohio EPA issued the final air permit.

The final air permit is available online. Also, arrangements can be made to review or copy the permit and related material at Ohio EPA Southeast District Office, 2195 Front St., Logan, by first calling (740) 385-8501.

An appeal can be filed with the Environmental Review Appeals Commission. Appeals generally must be filed within 30 days of issuing the final action; therefore, Ohio EPA recommends that anyone wishing to file an appeal contact the appeals commission at (614) 466-8950 for more information.