MOV Airport works through winter weather

WILLIAMSTOWN -When weather changes occur, the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport is ready to make sure travel to and from the facility runs smoothly.

“We didn’t have any real trouble with this recent snow,” said manager Terry Moore.

Although the snow started on Wednesday evening, the airport maintenance crews took most of Thursday to clear the tarmac and runways.

Typically, when it snows the employees gain overtime by being called into work as early as 2 a.m. to begin cleaning the snow off the runway and putting sand down for traction. Salt cannot be used on runways because it is corrosive to the airplanes.

“There were no real problems from this snow,” said Moore. “There were no canceled flights and only one flight was delayed in takeoff.”

Moore said he did not know what caused the flight delay, but the plane was de-iced by airport maintenance twice before it took off.

“I’m not sure why, but because of the time between the first de-icing and the plane was ready for takeoff, it had to be de-iced again,” he said.

The key to the airport’s ability to remain open when it snows is removal.

“Plowing is the most important thing we can do and (Thursday) we were really helped by the sun,” Moore said. “Really, it wasn’t bad and we had no problems, so it was great training for the two new maintenance guys.”