Wood County to seek bids for 911 center equipment

PARKERSBURG – Wood County commissioners approved seeking bids for new equipment at the 911 center and for additional lighting at the new parking lot near the justice center, neither of which was on its published agenda.

“I have reviewed the proposed bid specifications and found them to be well-written and concise,” said Commissioner Blair Couch. The commissioners then voted to accept the specifications and asked 911 Center Director Randy Lowe to advertise for bids, including placement of the specs on the 911 website.

County officials said they hope to open bids around mid-February.

Lowe met with the commissioners earlier about the need for a new system.

“We’ve had the system we have now since 2007 and the hardware is beginning to fail. There are a lot of times we have to reboot and hope it comes back up. The system is just outdated. The software is upgradeable. Our original CAD was given to us; we didn’t purchase it. We are having repeated hardware failures. We are using 2003 Window servers. As of this year, support of that will no longer be available,” Lowe said. Lowe said the new system will cut costs by nearly $2,000 and save 1,667 man hours a year because of additional work the current system now requires.

Cost quotes provided earlier by Lowe ranged from $381,000 to $416,000. The director told commissioners the 911 capital equipment reserve fund has $832,672 in it.

Lowe said the 911 advisory board earlier recommended the system be upgraded. The director said he’s hopeful bids can be opened by Feb. 11.

“The bottom line is if the hardware stops, we are back to pen and paper, so there is a need to expedite this,” Lowe said.

In other business, Bill Brown, county engineer presented price quotes from two vendors for additional lighting in the new parking, which serves the justice center. The parking lot, which is now paved and marked, is located where the former magistrate court building stood. The magistrates, as well as holding center and law enforcement offices of the sheriff’s department were moved to the new justice center.

A quote of $14,207 was obtained from State Electric and $6,702 from Grainger Industrial Supply. The quotes include the lighting, and necessary equipment and an added post. County maintenance personnel will install the new lighting.

“There is a need for an additional pole to provide more light near the justice center. There are four poles there now. The lights will be dusk to dawn,” Brown said.

Brown recommended the quote from Grainger Industrial Supply of Parkersburg and the commissioners approved it.

Brown said the new lighting could be ordered now and installed in the spring.

The cost quotes are below the threshold price range to require seeking bids.