YMCA to close Reno site; membership numbers cited

RENO – The Reno location of the YMCA is scheduled to close its doors May 31 after four years in business.

The site just never really took off, said Suzi Zumwalde, CEO of both the Marietta Family and Reno YMCAs.

“We made an effort to promote it to the surrounding communities but we just couldn’t get the membership we needed,” Zumwalde said. “With only 42 current members at the Reno branch it just isn’t feasible to continue to keep the facility open.”

The YMCA originally partnered with Promanco to create a fitness center and childcare facility located close to the Reno business park. The Y was opened Jan. 27, 2009.

“The idea was to receive members from the businesses surrounding the area, although I’m not sure what exactly happened to the childcare portion of the plan,” Zumwalde said.

The plan was developed before Zumwalde came on board.

Currently there is no plan to open a new location and Zumwalde said she hopes that members who frequented the Reno branch will continue to use the Marietta location.

“We are using some of the equipment from Reno to upgrade our Marietta facility,” Zumwalde said. “Hopefully people who are into a regular wellness routine will see that the Marietta facility has even more to offer than our Reno site.”

More than a dozen gravity training system machines will be transferred to the Marietta location upon the closing of the Reno facility.

“Currently we are the only place in town that is offering gravity training classes,” Zumwalde said.

The Reno facility has only one full-time employee who doesn’t also work at the Marietta location.

“We have extended the offer and hope to have all of our employees continue on working at our Marietta facility,” Zumwalde said.

Mark Somerville, a Reno resident, has been working out at the Reno YMCA since April 2011.

“I had to quit going for a while due to the number of hours I was working,” Somerville said. “But I’ve recently started going again to get back into shape for my season of four wheeler racing.”

Somerville did say that attendance is scarce at times and often limited to a select few.

“It’s basically the same people that attended every day. You rarely see the place packed,” he said. “It’s nice because you get to focus on your workout without having to wait on others.”

Despite the plans to close the Reno facility Somerville said he expects to continue his membership with the Marietta YMCA.

“It’s still going the be the most convenient location for me because all of my buddies that race have memberships through the YMCA,” he said.

Reno resident Dennis Lumbatis has been a member of the facility since it was opened about four years ago.

He said he was disappointed when he heard it would be closing down.

“I had my suspicions that it was falling on hard times due to a lack of members,” Lumbatis said. “But that doesn’t make it any less upsetting that it will be closing down.”

Lumbatis said he is uncertain of what he will do once the facility closes its doors this May.

“I will most likely attend the YMCA downtown and see how that goes,” he said.

Regardless of his plans, he said he understand that this is a major setback for the Reno community.

“It is a shame we are going to lose such a nice facility just because we couldn’t get more people involved,” he said.