22 horses found dead on farm

REEDY, W.Va. – Roane County authorities are investigating the deaths of 22 horses on a farm in Reedy.

Roane County sheriff’s deputies found the horses last Thursday while responding to a report that a horse had died near the road.

Police say malnourishment is the suspected cause of death. The deputies seized 20 live horses from the farm. They were taken to the old Spencer Livestock market, where a deputy has been taking care of them.

Based on the condition of the surviving horses and the understanding that the animals had been brought to West Virginia from Pennsylvania last summer without appropriate vaccinations and health certificates, the surviving horses were removed from the farm on Saturday, officials said.

The animals were placed under quarantine until the results of blood tests verify they are disease-free. Lab results are expected sometime this week.

Those wishing to donate feed, fodder or the funds needed to pay for them are asked to contact the Roane County Animal Shelter at 304-927-2555 or the Roane County Sheriff’s Department at 304-927-3410.

Downey said no charges have been filed against the woman who owns the horses, but the situation remains under investigation.

“A total of 22 horses were dead or not accounted for,” Roane County Prosecutor Downey said.