MOVTA drafts new position

PARKERSBURG – The Mid-Ohio Valley Transit Authority board approved the draft of a new position for the Easy Rider bus team at Tuesday night’s meeting.

The position is required under the American Public Transportation Association and the Federal Transit Authority. Although it is not mandated to hire an employee for the position, transit officials discovered the employee (new or existing) will be responsible for safety and security of the buses.

“Instead of someone working 12 or 13 hours a day I can pull someone else into those duties,” said MOVTA General Manager Tim Thomas. “This is going to be a busy person.”

Thomas presented the board with a draft of the position in accordance with the new requirements.

All were not in agreement for the new position to be worked into the transit authority’s budget. Secretary Jim Asbury and board member Sam Baldwin disagreed with the rest of the board and did not vote to pass the draft of the new position.

Thomas noted the need for more safety for bus drivers and passengers.

“It’s related to the safety but security would be who is going to oversee what has to end up taking place,” Thomas said of the new requirements. “I believe that we can improve on every aspect of our organization (with the help of a new position).”

Thomas said the position could help with safety concerns.

“We’ve caught people on the buses huffing air,” Thomas said. “Someone like this could help out in an arena.”

The job description would lead to a 24/7 on-call employee, Thomas said. The employee would be required to take part in extensive training and have a transit background.

Thomas said the person would make extensive safety checks on buses and their drivers. The position’s starting salary would be around a recommended $36,000, he said.

The new requirements will not be in effect on a local level for some time, but Thomas said he wanted to bring the matter before the board in plenty of time.

A diversion route will be added to the two routes going into Vienna, officials said. The route addition will give bus riders access to the Hillcrest Terrace area of the city.