Fix spiritual, moral problems

Maybe Sen. Joe Manchin could start a dialog on gun violence with the president and Attorney General Eric Holder. Ask them how many guns laws were broken allowing 2,000 “assault weapons” to go south over the U.S. border (Fast and Furious). Is there any ongoing attempt to find out how many innocent women and children lost their lives from this action? Are these weapons being used against U.S. citizens?

The recent tragedy in Connecticut happened because of little or lax security. I submit there is an army of trained parents and grandparents who would volunteer time to protect our children with very little expense to local law enforcement.

How many “gun laws” were broken when this drug-crazed, violent-bent coward traveled from New Jersey through New York into Connecticut. Three states with strict “gun laws.” It is estimated there is well over 30,000 gun laws in the USA. We don’t need more “gun laws,” it is a “spiritual and moral problem.”

In my high school yearbook there is a photo of me and fellow students with our adviser holding a shotgun (Conservation Club, 1959). It was common for us to take our weapons in vehicles and even on the school bus. My initial firearm training was in seventh grade on a rifle team with a shooting range in a junior high school. In Pennsylvania, you had to be 12 years old to get a hunting license.

Let me end this letter with a true story. Before gunpowder was invented there was a young boy of about 12. His “assault weapon” was a sling shot. He picked up five stones (an arsenal) only using one stone he a killed a man 9 feet 9 inches tall. David then proceeded to sever the giant’s head with an “assault weapon” – the giant’s own sword. You see “assault weapons” have been around since the beginning of time. Weapons can only be used when human hands activate them.

Mark W. Geibig