Getting the best minds

I was offended by Daniel Ned Peters ideas about how to improve our educational system. The level of ignorance in that letter boggles the mind. He took a complex cultural issue and turned it into good versus evil. I’m not sure how many kids he saw through the school system but for me, it was two, a total of 17 years working with the school system.

Like Peters I’m also appalled by the quality of education in West Virginia. My son graduated from a high school that does not offer physics. As far as teachers go, we felt that 50 percent of teachers are good to excellent. I think much more than most.

Recently the president of the board of education, Wade Linger, let the contract expire on a state superintendent. He said it was a business decision and he wanted to conduct a nationwide search. I like that education is a business. But like Peters I think any improvement has to come through the teachers.

You want good teachers, pay them like you pay engineers and you will have the best educational system in the world. You would get the best minds.

Mike Chapman