Blame the selfish baby boomers

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and employee-paid unemployment money are in bankruptcy, or more than likely, have lost their luster, and certain of the powers that be, find the time propitious to end these programs as we know them. They believe it is imperative these programs be cut and changed now to ensure they run out of funds faster than projected. This will throw grandma under the bus sooner rather than later.

The tea party is pushing for dissolution of these programs through their unyielding stance on deficit reduction by cutting spending rather than seriously taxing the wealthy. We also know the tea party is a majority baby boomers, and because of societal changes over the last 40-50 years, I will go out on a limb and make the assumption the baby boomers are getting back at their parents for all the crap they foisted on them when they were young. The assumption is these baby boomers were upset at their parents who were provided for by various World War II programs.

Thanks to the broadening of Social Security and President Kennedy pushing for a more highly educated group of young people, baby boomers went to college en masse. There were many reasons, but lack of respect for the establishment pushed the baby boomers by the millions to go for drugs, free love and sex. They got their education, sold out, had abortions and now they have found religion, and because they got a good education, they learned how to organize, know how to work the system and in many cases are the system, they want to change the laws so that future generations do not have the same choices they had. They are the affluent and suddenly they can’t live with their choices when they were young. Accepting the choices we make in our youth as helping to make us who we are today is called growing up and gaining some character. These extreme religious baby boomer tea partiers want to take us back to the 1400s where women and the poor were less than trash, and kingly rule was the law of the land.

The recent AARP newsletter asked you to save Social Security and Medicare. Did you notice how cleverly it was worded asking politicians to save these programs by negotiation when the politicians are the problem. Why should we trust any of these people to look out for the future?

Eugene A. DiClemente