United Way sponsoring events

We sure were delighted with the report that appeared on the front page of last Sunday’s edition. That story covered the Art Center’s “Arty-Party” free art Saturday program for young people. We appreciate you for sending our friend Jolene Craig to come and talk to the kids, parents and instructors.

Sadly, someone gave Jolene a piece of incorrect information that I would like to correct at this time. “Arty-Parties” this year are being sponsored by the United Way of the Mid-Ohio Valley, not by the Sisters of Saint Joseph Charitable Fund, as Jolene was told. The Sisters were kind enough to fund the program last year.

We are certainly appreciative for all the support we have received for this program, which brings kids and parents together with art instructors and projects that are fun, educational, and free of charge to area families. That gratitude extends to Joyce Mather and the United Way, to the Sisters of Saint Joseph Charitable Fund, and of course to The Parkersburg News and Sentinel.

Abby Hayhurst


EDITOR’S NOTE: Hayhurst is director of the Parkersburg Art Center.